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北京堅果比特科技有限公司成立於2004年3月,是專業從事系統安全技術研究、開發與生產銷售,為客戶提供專業化安全服務支持和全面的系統安全整體解決方案的高科技公司。 公司逐步提升自己的技術積累和對系統安全的深刻認識,不斷創造和創新,已經擁有各類獨創安全產品包括「影子系統PowerShadow」「備影」等,公司不斷積累並與國內國際知名IT公司建立良好的合作關係,以促進國內企業的信息化、國際化提升速度和方向,攜手合作夥伴一起成長。作為國內領先的安全軟件開發商,北京堅果比特科技有限公司秉承「專心服務 分享價值」的理念,長期專注於數據安全產品的研發。

PowerShadow Workstation, English

● Redesigned user interface,easy to set up and maintain
● Password Protection provides a more secure environment to protect your real system
● Folder Relocation is ideal for enterprise users, it enables you to save data to non-system partitions
● Off-line Activation is an extra convenience for intra network users

PowerShadow uses the most unique and innovative technology - -Virtualization Technology to clone a virtual operating system, identical and fully functional as the original, named Shadow Mode. Everything you do in Shadow Mode is virtual. Therefore, when virus and malicious software attacks, it does not attack your real system, but the clone of the operating system.Therefore, when you exit PowerShadow mode,everything (except what you save to a non-system drive) vanishes. Likewise, if a virus attacks, it attacks the clone system.If spyware is installed, it is installed on the clone system only. If you delete a file, you only have deleted a clone file, leaving the original untouched.





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