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GlobalSCAPE (AMEX: GSB) provides secure file management software that enables companies to safely send data over the Internet. GlobalSCAPEs products guarantee the privacy of critical information such as the transfer of financial data, medical records, customer files, intellectual property, and other sensitive documents. GlobalSCAPEs file management software ensures compliance with government regulations on protecting information and allows enterprises to reduce IT costs, increase efficiency, track and audit transactions, and automate processes. GlobalSCAPEs products are used by leading technology, banking, healthcare, and public sector organizations and can be customized to fit various customer needs, creating a variety of solutions. In addition, GlobalSCAPE provides content management and website development tools. Founded in 1996, GlobalSCAPE is the developer of CuteFTP, the most popular file transfer protocol application n
on the market.


CuteFTP®XEverybodys favorite FTP client

The worlds favorite FTP client is better than ever. Along with general performance improvements, we've added several key features. From mobility to global communication to top-notch security, CuteFTP® does it all!

Look what you can do with CuteFTP®

At home or at the office, industry-leading CuteFTP software lets you intelligently and securely move your important files across multiple locations over WAN or LAN. With CuteFTP you can publish web pages; download the latest music, images, and software; or transfer files between servers at home, your Internet Service Provider, and the office. Connect to new FTP sites in a snap with step-by-step wizards, view thumbnails of remote images, and edit remote documents with our built-in editor.


Simple enough for novice FTP users, powerful enough for experienced users

A user-friendly interface allows you to easily update and maintain sophisticated websites. You can create, open, and edit HTML documents on your computer or a remote server within CuteFTP with an integrated, color-coded HTML editor.


With TappIn® integration, share files on your computer to any other device

With TappIn, you can securely access and share files on your computer to any other device: iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop, desktop, Mac, or Kindle Fire. This addition of a non-cloud file sharing solution gives you the flexibility to share files with others who may not have access to an FTP client. A sample TappIn connection will be included by default. Support for the WebDAV protocol provides additional possible endpoints for CuteFTP.


Secure your file transfers

Safeguard transfers of mission-critical files with CuteFTP's security features and comprehensive protocol options, including FTP/S (SSL), HTTP/S (SSL), SFTP(SSH2), OpenPGP encryption, One Time Password authentication protocol, and a password manager help you work securely with multiple remote sites at once. CuteFTP also supports the UTF-8 character set throughout the product.


Transfer files manually or on a schedule

Easily create and schedule labor- and time-saving script transfers with minimal overhead using the Transfer Engine from within CuteFTP or with any COM-enabled scripting or programming language. Create scripts to regularly backup or synchronize your sites, and monitor local folders for changes; or just drag and drop files for fast and easy movementVup to 100 concurrent transfers.


Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server & Modules


Securely manage important file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners.

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server enables your organization to securely manage important file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners. EFT Server ensures the highest levels of compliance with government data security and privacy regulations such as PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, and SOX, and with corporate security policies and mandates. GlobalSCAPE's flexible platform allows you to customize a solution with modules and professional services that meet your specific requirements and security mandates.

GlobalSCAPE's enterprise FTP server solutions are trusted by most of the Fortune 100 and our company has been positioned as a Leader in Gartner Groups 2009 Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer.

GlobalSCAPE offers two editions of our leading managed file transfer (MFT) software, EFT Server Enterprise and EFT Server (formerly Secure FTP Server™). See the table below for a feature comparison and to determine which solution is best for your organization.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multi-platform support, including single or two-tier architecture
  • Extensive options for secure transport protocols
  • User-friendly interfaces for sending and receiving files
  • Data encryption and security, including a secure DMZ edge server
  • Built-in PCI and FIPS compliance to enforce best practices
  • Easy-to-use administrative interface
  • Flexible authentication and user account controls
  • Support for remote administration, virtual file systems, and automatic backups
  • Event-based automation and processing
  • GUI-based advanced workflow without script writing; COM API available
  • Robust ability to audit, report, and monitor all activity
  • Training, deployment, and customization available through GlobalSCAPE Professional Services
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