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O&O Software GmbH was established in 1997 in Berlin, Germany by Oliver Falkenthal and Olaf Kehrer. The idea for the name ˇ§O&Oˇ¨ originated back in 1991 in the form of O&O Systemtechnik GbR, a company offering software specifically for students whilst the two founders were still studying. The name ˇ§O&Oˇ¨ came about spontaneously, as both founders first names begin with the letter ˇ§Oˇ¨. In 1998, on the 10th February to be exact, O&O Defrag V1.0 was released, and the company that you see today was born.


O&O Defrag
Maximum Performance for Your PC

Your PC will slow down over time

Defragmentation is a process in which files stored on the hard disk are sorted and combined.

Compare the hard drive or SSD to a shoebox in which you keep lots of notes (the files). Windows tears up any new notes and simply throws the snippets into the shoe box. If you then want to access a file again, Windows must first find the ˇ§file snippetsˇ¨ and then glue them together before the file can finally be loaded. This costs time and vastly reduces performance.

How does O&O Defrag help?

O&O Defrag tidies up this shoebox by combining the snippets of a file and writing them one after the other to the hard drive or SSD. In addition, the files are reorganized so that the access times when loading are minimized. This saves you time and protects your data volumes. If you use O&O Defrag regularly, the access speed and the overall performance of your Windows system will increase noticeably. And so that you never have to worry about ˇ§file snippetsˇ¨ again, O&O Defrag can also be run completely automatically in the background.

Simply easy

Everyone should have a fast computer. Thatˇ¦s why we made O&O Defrag  so easy that anyone can use it. The new modern view does not require complicated settings.

No difficult decisions like choosing the best defragmentation strategy for your PC. O&O Defrag takes care of everything itself. All you have to do is choose whether you want to start O&O Defrag yourself manually or whether you want it to take care of everything automatically.

My individual O&O Defrag

Of course, O&O Defrag  also gives you the option of choosing your own personal defragmentation strategy. In the classic view, you can make all professional settings yourself.

In O&O Defrag  you can switch at any time between the classic view with all professional settings and the modern view reduced to the essentials.

NEW: System maintenance of your data volumes

O&O Defrag checks your hard drive or SSD for inconsistencies that can lead to problems. The component memory and the Windows system files are checked for errors. After the check is complete, O&O Defrag will show you whether and which errors were found.

Most errors can be corrected directly with the repair function.

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